Time-Based Media Tutorials

This category includes video, audio and audio visual sequences. The Adobe Tools well suited to making media in this category are:

   Adobe Premiere Pro

A fully featured editing tool. Can be daunting at first but well worth it as once you have the basics, you can do pretty much anything with time-based media. from a basic photo slideshow up to a fully edited and graded motion picture.

   Adobe Premiere Rush

A simpler editing tool with a bunch of pre-made effects and templates, this is a good starting point for editing. When you hit the limits of this tool, it is easy to graduate to Premiere Pro and even the projects can be "upgraded".

   Adobe Audition

An amazing fully featured sound recording, editing and mixing tool. Use it alone to make podcasts and other audio clips or pair it with Premiere Pro to add truly pro soundtracks to your videos.

   Adobe Media Encoder

This is basically a swiss army knife of all the various media file types and formats. Use this to turn any file format into any other depending on the needs of delivery. It is built right in to Premiere Pro so you can get perfect results when publishing.