Adobe Creative Cloud - Installation Guide

How to Install Adobe Products

Difficulty: Basic

What you will learn: Installing the Adobe Creative Cloud client and individual programs from the suite.

Adobe licensing issues?

If you're enrolled in an eligible Unit for an Adobe license, and are experiencing difficulties activating your Adobe account, please submit a OneHelp ticket with your Full Name, Student ID and Unit Code. The email subject should read, "Attn: Arts IT Re: Adobe license".

Step 1 - Sign into Creative Cloud

  1. Go to
  2. In the top, right-hand corner click 'Sign In'.

3. Sign in using your MQ student email


4. If prompted, select 'Company or School Account'

school account

5. Sign in to MQ Okta dual-factor authentication using your student OneID


Step 2 - Download the Client

1. Under 'Creative Cloud Apps' download the Adobe Creative Cloud Client


2. Run the Creative Cloud install wizard to install the client onto your PC

3. Once the Creative Cloud client is installed you can install any of the Adobe programs you wish


Ready to find out more?

See our 'Support' page for tutorials and guides for a range of Adobe products.