This category includes tools to publish work. The Adobe Tools well suited to this are:

 Adobe InDesign

This tool is a fully featured pre-press design solution. Use it for documents, flyers, posters and even a full book or thesis! Basically a word processing platform with graphics done right.

 Adobe Dreamweaver

This tool is for creating websites from the ground up using html and modern web standards. Not for the squeamish but very powerful for those wanting a unique and fast web site.

 Adobe Acrobat

Portable Document Format (PDF) is the accepted standard and open way to share documents and image files. This tool allows a range of manipulations and conversions when dealing with this format.

 Adobe Portfolio

This tool also creates websites, but does it in a very easy drag and drop fashion without touching a line of code.

 Adobe Spark

A suite of web based tools that allow for creation of simple and pre-designed presentations including print work, scrolly web presentations and simple videos.