Adobe Spark (Sp) - Tutorial 1

Getting Started with Adobe Spark

What is Adobe Spark?

Adobe Spark is a web-based Adobe application targeted at small companies aiming to improve their online presence. It features an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface to add and edit elements in your project.

The mobile app interface is simplified even further - yes, that means you can complete your poster on your phone, although most definitely not recommended. It's very easy to use, and although focused for small business Instagram users, has plenty of other features which we can take advantage of.

Getting Started

NOTE: Click on each screenshot to enlarge them. As this is a web-based interface, only Windows shortcuts and screenshots will be used in this guide

Head over to to sign into Adobe

Log in with your Adobe ID. This is your full student email. It should redirect you to a Macquarie login page. Enter your credentials there and continue.

It will then take you back to the Spark homepage, which looks like this:

In the first row of templates, select the last option - custom size - to start your project. If your poster is A3 print size (420mm by 297mm), enter those measurements and ensure you have selected the correct units. Continue to the project interface when done

Each element you drag onto your canvas will have an inidividual properties menu to edit variables


Once you have completed your poster, download it by following the button in the top-right corner